Hey, My name is


Hacker. Creator. Curious. Entrepreneur. Thinker. Yogi. Student. Teacher. Advocate. Empath. Neurodivergent.

Hacking and work

Prior to 2022, most of my time was spent on my work and the startups I were involved with. As somebody who likes to understand how things work, hacking has been a big part of my approach to life and work



Making tools for hackers. Initially releasd in July 2023.

- First solo-startup
- Tool meant for hackers, penetration testers, bug hunters
- JavaScript focused
- Reverse engineering, static analysis, semantic analysis, and dynamic analysis


- Acquired Adversary.io in April 2020
- Group Product Manager for Security Tooling team
- Security Researcher in Content team


Security Consulting in Iceland.

- Principal Security Engineer
- Partner

- Application Security
- Source Code Review
- Penetration Testing (External & Internal)
- Incident Response
- Forensics
- Phishing

- Created the original version that'd turn into Adversary.io
- Taught in-person classes at universities and companies

- Created systems and tooling for improving efficiency and results

Acquired by Origo in 2021.


Teaching Developers how to hack.

- Co-founder
- CTO 
- Head of Content
- Guide vision & mission

Acquired by Secure Code Warrior in 2020

2010 - 2014

CCP Games

- All things security
- Internal & External Security
- Incident Response
- Game Security
- Code Review
- Anti-cheating
- Preventing money laundering, real-money trading and botting

The self

In 2022 I decided to leave the corporate side of things behind to focus more on what really matters to me. This has deeply shaped my approach to life since then.


Ashtanga vinyasa yoga

After I resigned my job at Secure Code Warrior, I wanted to augment my powerlifting practice. I found a local Ashtanga yoga studio, which has been my primary practice ever since.

At The Breathing Space in Amsterdam, I've had the pleasure of practicing with Lana Beex and Mercedes Parellada most days. As well as visiting teachers who's had a profound impact on my practice, especially Scott Johnson of Stillpoint London.



In 2022, shortly after starting my Ashtanga practice, I had the opportunity to do a 60-hour Pranayama teacher training with Laurent Roure.  

This was a wonderful experience that opened my eyes up to the profound nature of the breath, and how it impacts every aspect of daily life.



Having practiced for a bit over 6 months, and having done the Pranayama TT, I wanted to go deeper.

Together with Lana Beex, I did a 300H+ Vinyasa Teacher Training, which was a truly life-changing experience.


Reiki I & II 

During my exploration of Pranayama and Yoga I increasingly became sensitive to the phenomena of "Energy" (Whether called Prana, Chi, or Ki). Initially I was sceptical about the traditional teachings around energy work.

But I decided to explore it deeper, and did Reiki I and II, which gave me tools that I've enjoyed using in my daily life.